COGITO project news

Novitech a.s. is developing a system of tools designed for creating and managing work orders that can be used in construction and engineering projects. This European project is focused on the concept of so-called. The concept focuses on the digital twin of future construction (buildings), whose state is continuously updated to match the state of the currently constructed building.

Novitech a.s. is developing application tools that place a greater emphasis on managing multiple work orders simultaneously, managing tools and equipment, and last but not least, managing individual workers and their job roles.

On October 4th BUILD UP organized a webinar called “Practical Tools for the Construction Sector in the Digital Twin Domain,” organized by the COGITO project. We highly recommend it to anyone interested in digital twins and current practical solutions in this field. During this meeting, the public had the opportunity to learn about the learnings and progress achieved by this project, and through various surveys, the project’s stakeholders could gather insights and opinions from the audience on this topic.

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