COGITO PROJECT: Validation of the second pilot building (Madrid – Murcia, Spain) has already started using the tools developed by our company.

COGITO project is heading to the next milestone – validation activities in 2nd pilot plant in Madrid-Murcia, Spain. The project covers subterranean construction work on the station at Murcia El Carmen, Barriomar, and Nonduermas. The main task is the underground station construction and adaptation of the current railway corridor for the implementation of high-speed services, making it compatible with the other types of traffic.


Novitech is implementing the newly developed solution for KPI and SLA (Service Level Agreement) calculations and improved user interface for managers and workers for both WODM tool (Work Order Definition and Monitor tool) – a tool for management workflow, monitoring of work orders and WOEA tools (Work Order Execution Assistance) – a mobile application for monitoring the execution of work orders. 

During the pilot validation all data exchanges and integrations with other COGITO tools will be tested.


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