January 2023: COGITO 2. Monitoring meeting.

New updates, new results, and positive feedback from the European Health and Digital Executive Agency.

The year 2023 started off busy for the COGITO project. Project partners completed the second year of reporting, presenting project results in various implementation areas to HaDEA members.

On January 23rd, the second evaluation meeting of COGITO took place, with representatives from the HaDEA agency, to assess the results and activities carried out within the project in 2023. All participants presented the progress of work, including the development of individual COGITO tools, as well as the organization of individual pilot workplaces, business, and marketing plans.

Novitech a.s. company focuses primarily on the development of a system of tools necessary for implementing work instructions created by managers, which are aimed at employees. These work instructions are distributed throughout the system and adhere to a process of optimization based on resource availability, construction status, and other variables. The part of the tool system developed by Novitech a.s. is also responsible for calculating and distributing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) relevant to the construction process and for creating intelligent contracts between workers and their assigned work orders.

The most important outcomes achieved during the last 2 years of the project focus on the following outputs:

  • Digital Quality Control Tools
  • Digital Work Procedure Management
  • Digital Tools for Health and Safety
  • Integrated Digital Twin Platform
  • On-site demonstrations.

More information about the COGITO project and its results can be found at: https://cogito-project.eu/