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Digitalisation of human-centred activities in industrial shop floors 

Services delivered within our core framework of the I3D Industrial Services portfolio

I3D-WF — Human-centric workflow designer: Definition and/or update of workflows: Work locations, actions, events, resources, tools.
I3D-WO — Work order management: Composition of work orders for workflow designed by by I3D-WF. Schedule and Assigning work orders to worker(s).
I3D-LE — Work order learning:  Learning of work order in virtual reality smart glasses mode
I3D-WE – Work order execution: Execution of work order in AR (augmented reality) smart glasses mode
I3D-WR – Work order completion reports: Work order reports through steps and actions (worker multimedia inputs)
I3D-RA – Remote assistant: Online remote support for technician / worker in work order execution (I3D-WE)
I3D-OC – Industrial Object recognition services: moving objects, machines, products, QR-codes
I3D-AP – Interfaces and connectors: APIs to connect with ERP (SAP, Oracle) and process control systems (IoT) of the Client site.

Sectorial solutions

Sector-specific solutions of I3D services

Workplace learning: I3D-VT – Industrial virtual tour: VR presentation – a virtual tour of the industrial plant (Smart glass and desktop). Navigation to work order locations.

Building construction work management

  • I3D-WODM –  Work order design and management for construction BIM supported)
  • I3D-WOEA – Work order execution assistance. Mobile application for navigation and tasks progress and notification of field workers
  • WODM and WOEA implementation in Metro station capital repair (Munich – Germany) and of a new High-Speed Railway Station construction (Murcia – Spain) 

Iron and steel: implementation of remote assistance service during blast furnace capital repairs
Utilities and Petrochemicals: workflow management of particular maintenance tasks
Public transport: overnight technical inspection checks of public transport passenger buses in a European Capital. Inspectors using VR/AR smart glasses for online digitalisation of check made.


Innovations are an essential tool for creating new products and services that ensure the growth of the region, survival, and long-term development of the company.

  • INOFORM is a generic system for managing the innovation process in a business, region, or industrial sector.
  • i3D – Use of VR/AR technologies for implementing modern maintenance systems in industrial companies
  • iTraffic – Intelligent traffic light management based on the number of vehicles in front of the traffic lights and traffic statistics.
  • Process Cloud – Easily accessible, cost-effective, user-customizable automated processes for small and medium-sized businesses in the cloud.
  • GIV (Global Innovative Views) – Virtual 3D tours for both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • CORTS – Intelligent sensors, object recognition and tracking in the cloud.